Simplifying the REMOTE CONTROL for my grandma

My grandmother, who is in her 80s and spends most of her day alone at home, uses her time to watch her favourite TV shows on the smart TV. She is not very familiar with the technology and cannot read English properly; therefore she struggles to use the smart TV remote control.


Her Frustrations

“Why does this remote control have too many buttons?”

“All the buttons look the same”

“Are they all needed?”

Obtained Information:

- Grandmother struggles to find a particular button on the remote control.

- Grandmother presses the button she didn’t intend to.

- Grandmother lands on the wrong page.

- Grandmother turns off the TV because she doesn’t know how to exit the page she accidentally opened.

- Grandmother feels frustrated to restart the TV.


How I made the usability of the remote control simple

The… Result…

- Grandmother is now easily able to use the remote control without pressing the wrong button.

- Grandmother is quickly and easily able to find a particular button.

- Grandmother uses the exit and back button to exit from youtube.

Thank you for reading till the end! Please let me know your thoughts on this!!

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